Monday, April 18, 2005

This is me, shot by Mark Prince. He, Ken Fox and I had a private viewing of this prototype machine in a hotel suite near the show. Earlier in the day a bunch of alties got to see it, but Ken and I missed it. Thanks entirely to Ken's chutzpah, we got our chance later. Mark was already going to see it at about the same time apparently, and we all went up together.

We got to play around a bit and pull a few shots. I don't think I'm supposed to publish photos of it, so I blurred it out. (I would *like* to say "I can't tell you any more about it" but I'm afraid Coffeegeek's lawyers would come after me for trademark violation.)

Update: well the photos are up on Coffeegeek, so I guess it's ok to unblur the machine. Pity to waste a perfectly good blur though...


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